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Danish Politicians Are Divided Over Huge EU Agreement: Wants Referendum

European Council
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There is both rice and praise for the Prime Minister from the Danish politicians. The Danish People’s Party wants a referendum.

It was not many minutes since Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S) presented one this morning EUagreement, until it spilled in with political reactions.

Words like “beautiful” and “disappointing” have been used about the agreement, which consists of two elements: A new one EUlong-term budget for the next seven years and an extraordinary recovery fund to help the hardest hit countries and sectors after the corona outbreak.

With the agreement, Denmark’s bill comes into play EU membership to increase.

In the last seven years, Denmark has paid an average of DKK 19.7 billion a year EU. The Ministry of Finance assesses againstDRNews that according to preliminary calculations, Denmark will on average pay around DKK 4.5 billion extra per year for the next seven years. Here, the new discount of DKK 2.7 billion is recognized annually.

In recent months, there has been a great deal of domestic policy debate about the elements of the proposals that have been put forward – and at the same time there has been a heated debate about where that money should come from . A debate that suggests a lot will continue in the coming months, when Prime Minister MEtte Frederiksen answered the question:


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