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Coronavirus LATEST: What you need to know about the outbreak in Sweden


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  • As of May 25th, 4,029 people have been confirmed as having died after testing positive for the coronavirus in Sweden.
  • Since the start of the outbreak, 1,957 people have been in intensive care as of May 25th, which also includes fatalities and patients who have recovered and been discharged.
  • There have been 33,843 confirmed cases of the coronavirus as of May 25th.
  • The Swedish government has announced that testing will be ramped up to reach 50,000-100,000 tests per week, with a focus on people in key roles such as police officers and emergency responders, although this goal had not been reached by mid-May as first stated. People who need to seek medical care will also be able to get tests in many cases even if they do not need treatment in hospital.
  • Everyone in Sweden is urged to stay at home if they are at all sick (even a mild cough or sore throat), practice social distancing, avoid non-essential travel within the country, work from home if possible, follow good hygiene practices, and avoid non-essential visits to elderly people or hospitals.
  • People aged over 70 or in risk groups are advised to avoid social contact as much as possible. These are Sweden’s official recommendations to reduce the spread of the virus.


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