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No Coronas Infected In Denmark Have Died In The Last 24 Hours


There has been a decline in admissions since yesterday and no one has lost their lives after infection with coronavirus shows new numbers.

No coronary-related events have been recorded death in Denmark lately Day. Thus, the total death toll remains 563.

In addition, the number of admissions has decreased. Four people have been discharged and there are currently 112 hospitalized in Denmark.

Among the inmates, 23 are in an intensive care unit, which is an increase from 20 yesterday.

On the other hand, there has been a decrease in hospital admissions in need of a respirator. Here was the figure yesterday 16. It has now fallen to 14.

Over 10,000 Danes have survived an infection, which means that 14 days after a positive corona test is neither hospitalized nor dead and is therefore presumed to improve. Exactly 10,044 have survived their infection, which is an increase of 80

The total number of infected persons in Denmark is 11,428, which is an increase of 41 compared to yesterday. However, the actual figure must be somewhat higher as many people do not experience any symptoms of coronavirus infection.

Source: dr.dk

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