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Avicii’s birthday is celebrated all over the world – so far playing incredible DJ sets


It has been a little more than two years since the world artist Tim “Avicii” Bergling died, only 28 years old. His death hit hard – both in Sweden and internationally. Since then, he has been hailed by an entire music world. As recently as December 2019, a large tribute concert to the artist was held at Friends arena in Stockholm.

On September 8, Tim Bergling would have turned 31 years old. In connection with his birthday, the American radio channel SiriusXM will dedicate the week to Tim Bergling’s music – at the same time as they pay attention to mental illness. The studio will also be visited by world stars who have collaborated or been inspired by Avicii’s music. They will talk to Sandro Cavazza, David Guetta and Rita Ora, among others.

The tribute is a collaboration between SiriusXM, which is the largest digital radio channel, and The Tim Bergling Foundation. They have promised to play a hitherto incredible Avicii set, recorded in Osaka four years ago. Klas Bergling, Tim’s father, will visit the studio for an exclusive interview with the radio channel. In a statement, they write that Klas Bergling will talk about Tim’s life and music. But also raise the topic of mental illness and suicide. 

– Anki and I want to thank Geronimo and SiriusXM for their support of Tim’s music and for taking the time to pay attention to the global problem of mental illness, says Klas Bergling in a press release. 

– We want to encourage Tim’s fans and we want all young people to know that they are not alone. It is important to talk to someone, a friend, a family member or a colleague. There is help available for any mental problems they or their friends may have, he continues. 

Fought against mental illness while growing up

On April 20, 2018 came the news that shocked fans all over the world – Tim Bergling, known as Avicii, had passed away during a trip in Oman. 

A statement from the family stated that Tim Bergling had been struggling with anxiety for a long time and had been pressured too hard, even though it was not stated that the son had taken his own life. Klas Bergling has previously told CBC News that he had a hard time saying the word suicide in connection with his son.

– Yes indeed. To state that is also to acknowledge that one is part of that fate, so to speak, he said in an interview last year. 

Tim Bergling struggled with mental illness for a large part of his life, and in his teens he got help from a psychologist, Klas Bergling told CBS.

– When you have a child who is not feeling well, you try everything possible to turn the situation around correctly. And you try to understand what is happening. We went to a psychologist when he was 14 or 15 years old I think. And he calmed Tim down a bit. 


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