November 27, 2022
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‘It’s simply a lie, I thought’: This is how Danish hit singer suddenly ended up on track with Snoop Dogg

Danish Kaka joins the American star rapper on the new single ‘Dog Bite’.

– It’s a huge honor – and I still do not quite think I have understood, it’s actually reality.

The words come from the Danish rapper and singer Kaka, who is currently working on the single ‘Dog Bite’.

A song in which he does no less than the company of American rapper Snoop Dogg.

– I had never expected that to happen when I ran around at home in Allerød as a child, laughs Kaka, who here is especially known for hits like ‘One last song’ and ‘Give me a smile’ with rapper Wafande.

The spectacular collaboration came through – and hold on, because now the musical carpet becomes even crazier – the musician Alonestar, whose real name is Jethro Sheeran and is the cousin of the British superstarEd Sheeran.

– I met Alonestar a few years ago at Christiania, where we clicked too sick. Back then, we talked about wanting to start making music in English again. Since then, we have done some different projects with some great foreign artists, which unfortunately have never been published, says Kaka.

Making a song with a giant star like Snoop Doog is something most people can only dream of.


But a few months ago, Alonestar contacted the Danish rapper again.

– He called me and said he was working on a song with Snoop Dogg and asked if I was interested in coming and singing a little on the song’s chorus.

Kaka, who is actually called Rajabu Msophe Willer, accepted the offer and set course for Jyllinge, where the British producer, who has lived in Denmark for three years, has his studio.

Here, Kaka trooped up in front of the microphone and quickly recorded his vocals.

– It had taken me 45 minutes to get up to him, and it took maybe 45 seconds to record my part, so I ended up asking: “Now that I’m here anyway, I must not try to write a verse and give it a shot in front of the microphone? “

“Why not?” Was the response from Alonestar, and Kaka started writing a new verse for the Snoop Dogg song.

– I thought: “Now I have to fucking show them that I can play with the big boys”, says Kaka, who shortly after recorded the dewy fresh verse.


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