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Almost 900 Danes Are Declared Healthy After Coronavirus Infection


This is the first time that we have been given figures on the number of quick reports.

894 Danes have been declared healthy following coronavirus infection.

It shows figures from the State Serum Institute (SSI) on Wednesday. This is the first time the Danish health authorities have disclosed these figures.

These are only figures from weeks 9, 10 and 11.

The calculation is made on the basis of an algorithm and data from various health records. According to the report, the disease is over if you are neither hospitalized nor dead, 14 days after you have confirmed the coronary infection.

Here is a graph for the weeks in question:


As the graph shows, a total of 917 Danes were confirmed infected with covid-19 during the weeks in question. Of these, 894 have been reported fast, three people are still hospitalized and 20 people have died. All four, ie 100 percent infected in week 9, are declared healthy.

As of week 10, 98 percent are declared healthy, and at week 11, 97 percent of infected are healthy.

The first time we get the numbers

In the past, SSI has otherwise considered that it was too resource-heavy to follow up on all the infected.

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