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Offentlig transport lukker, og flere skoleklasser sendes hjem i store dele af Nordjylland

Public transport is closing, and more school classes are being sent home in large parts of North Jutland

Offentlig transport lukker, og flere skoleklasser sendes hjem i store dele af Nordjylland

The government is introducing a large number of new initiatives in seven North Jutland municipalities. It is a landmark day for northern Jews, says the Prime Minister.

The government will put a temporary stop to public transport by bus, train and ferry in large parts of North Jutland.

This was stated by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S) at a press conference.

The closure of public transport will apply in and out and across the municipalities Jammerbugt, Vesthimmerland, Læsø, Frederikshavn. Hjørring, Thisted, and Brønderslev, and it will take effect on Monday 9 November.

According to the Ministry of Transport, buses that only run internally in the municipalities, for example school buses or city buses, will continue to run. Trains crossing municipal boundaries will also continue on rails, but must be emptied of passengers before crossing the borders at one of the seven municipalities.

Today is becoming landmark

The government is also introducing a large number of other initiatives in the seven North Jutland municipalities.

The new measures are being introduced because a mutation of coronavirus has been found among Danish mink, which according to the government may mean that a future coronavina vaccine will not work. According to the authorities, a number of citizens in the seven affected municipalities are infected with mink virus variants.

At the press conference, Mette Frederiksen compares the new initiatives in North Jutland with the nationwide closure in the spring.

– March 11 was a moment of destiny. That day we made a difficult but necessary decision, which turned life upside down in Denmark. Today will be just as landmark for you in North Jutland, she says.

More school students are sent home

Among other things, the series of new initiatives from the government is a “strong call” for citizens in general not to cross borders both to and from the seven North Jutland municipalities, unless they have a critical work function or other “urgent matters”.

In addition, the government encourages everyone who does not have a critical function to work from home. This also applies to commuters who live in one of the seven municipalities and work in another municipality, or work in one of the seven municipalities but live in another.

In addition, more school students will be sent home. Students in 5.-8. class must have distance learning from home, while 0.-4. class and 9th grade can still show up.

Culture, sports and restaurants close

In addition, all cultural and sports life as well as amusements will be closed down in the seven municipalities. However, professional sports without spectators can continue.

Also, all restaurants, cafes, pubs and other eateries will be closed down for anything other than takeaway.

In addition, a number of reservations in connection with the nationwide assembly ban will be abolished in North Jutland, so that there may be a maximum of ten people in total. For example, the exemption of 500 people at seated events and 50 at sports and association activities will be abolished.

The individual restrictions apply from either today Thursday, from Saturday or from Monday, and they all apply until and including December 3rd.

Minister of Trade and Industry Simon Kollerup (S) states that the government will “stretch the large safety net” under the workplaces in North Jutland. He has summoned the parliamentary parties to negotiations tomorrow.

In addition to the series of restrictions, the government will also introduce a massive test effort and strengthen the detection and isolation effort. All citizens are encouraged to get tested.

Here are some of the new restrictions for the 7 municipalities:

Valid from Thursday evening:

  • Strong encouragement to everyone to stay in their own municipality, unless you have a critical function or urgent errands. Others should not travel into the municipalities either.
  • Encourage everyone to work from home unless you have a critical work function.
  • Attention to how many people you see. Avoid as few people as possible.

Valid from Saturday 7 November:

  • Restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes and other eateries are closing. Takeaway is still allowed.

Valid from Monday 9 November:

  • Students in higher education are sent home and must instead have digital teaching, and exams take place without attendance. This also applies to students in higher education in Aalborg who reside in the affected municipalities.
  • 5.-8. grade level is sent home and must receive distance learning. Other grade levels can show up at school, but requirements of 1 meter must be met at all primary schools, and students must not be mixed across classes.
  • Attendance is reduced to a maximum of 50 percent on youth and adult education as well as Danish education for adult foreigners. A number of exceptions can be made.
  • Pupils at, for example, after-school or boarding schools should, as far as possible, stay at the schools.
  • In day care, care will be required in smaller, regular groups.
  • Public transport in and out of the affected municipalities and across the municipalities is closed, but not for driving with school buses and the like. Basically, all buses running across municipalities will be closed, while buses running only internally in one municipality will continue to run. The trains are maintained, but they must be emptied of passengers before crossing one of the affected municipalities. Work is underway to make an agreement with Nordjyllands Trafikselskab that they will make flextur available to people who handle critical work functions.

Source: nyheder.tv2.dk

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