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More Than Six Million Americans Sign Up For Unemployment


6.6 million Americans have signed up this past week. It’s a record.

Over the past week, 6.6 million Americans have applied for unemployment benefits. It shows dew-free unemployment figures from the United States.

This has set a new sad record for the Americans: Never have so many people signed up for unemployment in such a short time.

Today’s announcement comes in the wake of history being written a week ago when 3.3 million Americans signed up as unemployed, which was the highest number ever. That was four times more than the sorry record of 1982.

Americans signed

The US economy is badly hit by the corona crisis that has forced large parts of the country to shut down as the unemployment curve moves upward.

The virus has so far killed more than 5,100 Americans. According to Johns Hopkins University, 884 of them have lost their lives in the past 24 hours. The country has had 216,000 cases of infection, which is the highest in the world.

Source: www.dr.dk

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