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International Lockdown Concert

All Concerts Are Cancelled? Not This One Though!

International Lockdown Concert

Breaking the boarders with an international online music concert

With the world being slowed down by COVID-19 for more than two months now, it can be difficult to find joy in everyday life. There is a great solution to this issue: an online music concert being hosted on the 22nd of May for young people all over Europe.

Being international students themselves, the organizers hope to have a truly multinational audience. The line-up of the event is also very diverse, including two Belgian DJs, an Armenian singer and a Russian band. Even though we are separated by the borders and lockdown, we can all come together for the concert’s night.

The event itself is for free, and it is to provide a great musical and social experience, but that is not the only goal of it. Mental health issues tend to appear or worsen when someone is not only trapped in their mind, but their home. For this reason, the participants can make donations to a charity called Mental Health Foundation throughout the whole concert.

If you are interested in this event, you can find it on Facebook as International Lockdown Concert, organized by Online Music Concerts. The concert will start live on Facebook on 22nd May, 21:00 (CET).

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