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Innfører påbud om bruk av munnbind i kollektivtrafikken

Introduces an order for the use of face masks in public transport in Oslo

Innfører påbud om bruk av munnbind i kollektivtrafikken

City councilor Raymond Johansen (Labor Party) has previously received criticism from the Minister of Health for not introducing stricter corona measures in the capital. Today, the city council tightened some measures.

I hope the national authorities will continue to have confidence that we know our citizens best, Raymond Johansen said at today’s press conference.

There he presented new stricter measures for Oslo, which will last until 13 October. After that, the city council will make a new assessment.

These are the measures:

  • Mandate to use face masks on public transport when it is not possible to keep a meter away.
  • Order to register guests at restaurants.
  • Temporary ban on indoor events with more than 50 participants without fixed seats.
  • Introduces the use of face masks in home nursing where it is not possible to keep your distance.

– When it is not possible to keep a distance of one meter, travelers should wear a face mask. This means that everyone must bring a face mask on board, Johansen said.

It is the Oslo police’s responsibility to maintain this.

But the city council will not follow the Norwegian Directorate of Health’s recommendation to limit more than five people gathering in private homes.

“If we are to continue to succeed, keep the infection down, we must earn the trust of the people,” he said, adding:

– We must show that we introduce only the measures that are necessary.

Drops several recommended measures

Minister of Health Bent Høie (H) has previously said that he is “very worried” that the corona infection will spread out of Oslo. On Sunday, it was revealed that he is prepared to make national decisions if the city council does not follow up the Norwegian Directorate of Health’s advice.

– We believe the measures Oslo municipality has now are not strong enough, the Minister of Health said during a press conference on Monday.


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