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207 have been confirmed infected with coronavirus since Friday in Denmark

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A corona death has been registered in the last 24 hours in Denmark.

207 have been confirmed infected with coronavirus since Friday. Last weekend, 109 new cases of infection were registered.

The number of inpatients has increased by six to 24. Two of the inmates are in the intensive care unit – both are on a respirator.

A total of 13,996 have been confirmed to be infected with coronavirus in Denmark, where 1,182,260 have been coronate tested.

The infections at Danish Crown’s slaughterhouse in Ringsted are also shown in the figures from the Statens Serum Institut. Here, 61 have been infected since Monday 27 July.

However, if you remove Ringsted from the map, you will also find other conspicuous trends . For example, the number of infected in Aarhus and the Copenhagen West sign has also increased, which you can see on the map here.

Sweden on Monday registered another death with coronavirus. Thus, the total death toll rises to 5,744. This is stated by the Public Health Authority according to Ritzau.

A total of 81,012 people have been confirmed infected with covid-19 in Sweden.

The infection pressure in Sweden has dropped so much that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark on Thursday opened for all travel to all Swedish regions .

Thus, unnecessary travel is no longer discouraged – no matter what part of the country it is. At the same time, it has also been opened up for Swedes from all over the country to travel into Denmark as tourists. As long as they have booked at least six nights.


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