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15,000 randomly selected Danes are invited to the corona test


As something new, they will test both for current infection and for antibodies in 15,000 randomly selected citizens.

By August, 15,000 Danes will be invited to be tested for whether they have or have had coronavirus.

This happens when the Statens Serum Institut resumes the so-called representative tests in a new form.

It states the serum institute in a response to Ritzau.

The tests, which are intended to provide a picture of the development of the epidemic in a random sample of the population, were put on pause in June.

It turned out at the time that very few of those summoned showed up and let themselves be tested.

For example, just 12.9 percent of citizens were tested for coronavirus when on May 31, they were called to test in the white tents in 16 cities nationwide.

Now the department is ready with a new setup to ensure greater participation.

It is planned to start the invitation of 15,000 citizens for examination from week 34. Here they will be offered tests for both current infection and antibodies, writes professional director Kåre Mølbak in the written answer.

The new thing is that this time you will test people both for current infection and for antibodies.

We hope and expect that the combination with antibody testing will be an incentive to participate, writes the serum institute in the response.

Kåre Mølbak also writes that the representative surveys “are not decisive for following the development at present”.

In the favorable situation that Denmark is in, we therefore consider the representative studies as a valuable supplement, but not a cornerstone in monitoring the epidemic, writes Kåre Mølbak.


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