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Driver's License

You Will Get A Clip In Your Driver’s License For Speed Violations In Denmark

Driver's License

You will get a clip in the driver’s license if the speed limit is more than 30% but below the disqualification limit.

If you get three clips in the driver’s license, you are deprived of the driver’s license conditional on the third clip. It is irrelevant what offenses the clips are given. However, disqualification for third clips occurs only if the three traffic offenses for which the clips are granted have been committed within a period of three years.

Young drivers are banned from driving at the second clip

If you receive two clips in the driver’s license within the first three years after receiving your driver’s license for the first time, you will also receive a driving ban. This means that you must submit your driver’s license to the police and that you are not allowed to drive until you have completed a special driving instruction and have passed a driving test.



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