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Øresund Bridge

You can now cross the Øresund Bridge without a guilty conscience, no matter where you intend to drive in Swedish

Øresund Bridge

As of Saturday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs no longer advises against traveling to any region in Sweden. It is still possible to travel to all of Spain.

Updated: In the first edition of this article, it appeared that the travel guide to Sweden had been changed from today. The National Police has subsequently contacted TV 2 and clarified that the changed travel instructions will only apply from Saturday.

After 139 days in which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has completely or partially advised against traveling to Sweden, you as a Dane can soon travel freely in the neighboring country.

In any case, the Danish authorities no longer advise against traveling to Sweden from Saturday 1 August, it appears from the updated travel guide , where the brother country now has the color code yellow and not orange.

In the same way, Swedes can travel to Denmark, no matter where in Sweden they come from.


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