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From today, new travel guides apply: ‘We stay away from areas with many tourists’

Copenhagen Airport

Today, 38 flights depart from Kastrup after the travel guides have been updated.

Yesterday three flights from Copenhagen Airport were lightened. Today facilitates 38.

It does so because the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has now updated the travel guides to 20 European countries including Italy, France and Greece. And they apply from today.

On board one of the planes is Alexandre Planque Tafteberg with his two children Clara and Emil as well as friend Steffen Sørensen.

And although 38 aircraft are far more than three, they are fairly empty at the airport, where it usually lands and facilitates close to 800 flights a day.

– I’ve never experienced such an airport. It comes to my mind how few people are here, says Alexandre Planque Tafteberg.

The family is on their way to France, where they will visit Clara and Emil’s grandparents south of Paris for ten days.

The updated travel guides mean that the family and friend are now no longer recommended to quarantine when they return to Denmark.

One of the most important criteria for the updated travel guides has been that the country should have less than 20 infected per 100,000 per week.

And it has the vast majority of European countries right now. Denmark currently has 6.72 infected per 100,000 and France has similarly 8.1 infected.


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