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Dane in Minneapolis

Dane in Minneapolis: ‘I’ve lived in the US for 40 years and I’ve never seen anything like it’

Dane in Minneapolis

Demonstrations after 46-year-old Georg Floyd’s death continue in the United States.

For the fifth day in a row, there has been Danish chaos and protests in several states in the United States tonight.

And that has led to clashes between police and protesters, among others, in the city of Minneapolis in the state of Minnesota, which has become the center of the protests.

There was national Guarddeployed several places to assist police. And that made a clear difference, says Peter Keldorff, DR’s reporter on the spot.

– The result of it is here in Minneapolis so far that the police and national Guard have regained the city, which they had otherwise lost to the protesters in recent days.

The protesters have not been able to gather in mass protests like the other days, says Peter Keldorff.

– We took the protesters who went to one of the city police stations, but were stopped by the police. We ended up standing under a freeway bridge where the police andnational Guard held the protesters back tear gas, he says.

– But it’s not because the anger is no longer out there. You just have to say thatnational Guardand the police have had the strategic takeover this evening. There are still plenty of violent episodes around town. Rubber bullets are being shot and entire neighborhoods are living a life of fear.


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