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Vocational colleges

Vocational colleges : face mask become a requirement in special cases

Vocational colleges

Schools are tightening requirements to prevent coronavirus infection.

The students at Copenhagen University College must comply with a distance requirement of at least one meter and use face mask in teaching across teams.

This is stated by Copenhagen University College in a press release about the new corona guidelines prior to the start of studies.

The vocational college has purchased 200,000 face mask , so they are ready for the start of studies next week.

This is what Stefan Hermann, rector of Copenhagen University College, says .

– Face mask should be used in situations where the group cannot be isolated and where they change teams and premises, he says.

This morning, Absalon University College has also decided that they will introduce requirements for face mask. And in certain situations, there will also be requirements for gloves, press officer Klaus Kristensen informs DR .

– Absalon has chosen on the basis of a precautionary principle that it will be mandatory to wear a face mask in all our specialist rooms. It is, for example, in our music rooms or sports halls, where the students have practical teaching, he says.

Student Council: Students do not have to pay

One of those who may have to put on the bandage is Ditte Mundeling Samuelsen, who is the front person for the Student Council at Copenhagen University College.

She is happy with the initiative , because it means less distance learning for the students.

– The face mask creates fertile ground for us to come in and have physical education in contrast to the whole spring, where we have sat behind each our screen and tried to get learning out of it, says Ditte Mundeling Samuelsen.

But it is important that the face mask does not become an expense for the students, she emphasizes.

– We are a whole lot of students who only have the SU as income , and face mask  can be a major expense. So in the Student Council, we will fight for it to be an expense that Copenhagen University College has.

Rector Stefan Hermann also does not believe that it should be the students who have to find the wallet.

– Now we have bought 200,000 sanitary napkins, and more are on the way. We do not think the students should go to the pockets. Then we will have a talk with the state and the politicians that it is the educational institutions that take on that expense.

Also at the UCN University College in Thisted, in some situations requirements are required for face mask. For example, when physiotherapists need to practice on each other, or nurses need to take soft samples in their skills lab.

Students can pick up free face mask in the school’s service center, and Iben Bøgh Bahnsen, head of education at UCN Health in Thisted, expects students to comply with the guidelines.

– In the first instance, we want to motivate to wear a face mask, and if it can not be done that way, then I do not think that the person in question can participate in the teaching, says Iben Bøgh Bahnsen.

Virologist: Good idea

The sanitary napkins must be used, among other things, when it is not possible to keep a meter distance between the students.

And it is a good idea to introduce face mask in higher education, says professor of experimental virology Allan Randrup Thomsen.

– When you can not keep your distance, a bandage is the next best thing. There is no 100 percent protection, but they provide effective protection, and it would be foolish not to do so, he says.


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