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MHI Vestas closes almost 150 positions in Denmark. The departments in Nakskov, Lindø and Esbjerg are affected.

MHI Vestas skærer 98 stillinger i Nakskov

The wind turbine company MHI Vestas is cutting 148 positions in Denmark.

This is stated by the company in a press release.

The positions will be closed at MHI Vestas’ three factories in Nakskov, Lindø and Esbjerg, respectively. A total of 98 positions will be closed in Nakskov. In addition, 45 positions will be closed in Lindø and five in Esbjerg.

In Nakskov, the positions will be closed in September.

MHI Vestas writes in the announcement that despite the firing round, the company sees Denmark as a hub for the offshore wind turbine industry in the future.

– We have consistently increased our production capacity over the past few years, but now we see a break in growth, says Claus Ungstrup, Deputy Director at MHI Vestas, in the press release.

MHI Vestas: – This is a significant cut

The reason for the savings round is that there have been delays in the company’s projects, and that there is therefore not as much to do as expected.

 It is a significant cut for us. This corresponds to 10 percent of our entire workforce, but we have been forced to do so in order to adapt to production, says John Waver, press manager at MHI Vestas, to TV2 ØST.

However, the cut has no relation to the current situation with coronavirus, but turns as a decrease in production.

MHIVestas is owned by Vestas and Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and works exclusively with offshore wind turbines. Vestas has its focus on onshore wind turbines.

3F is affected by the situation

3F organizes production and transport employees at MHI Vestas. He does not yet know how many of his members will be affected by the layoffs. 

But the announcement of the cut annoys him:

– I’m very sorry. It goes best when there is a stable production. But I’m glad to hear that they’re not going to go down on ambitions for the future. They continue to develop on their wings. So in a few years we will probably be up to 500 employees again, 

– It’s a lot. It’s not fun for the people who get fired. I hope we can find some work for them elsewhere, says Steffen Rasmussen, chairman, 3F Lolland.

Closed 40 positions in January

In January 2020, employees at MHI Vestas were also laid off, laying off about 20 positions. 


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