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Donald Trump

Trump’s threat to those who vandalize statues

Donald Trump

Donald Trump threatens those who vandalize historic monuments with ten years in prison.

The US president writes on Twitter that he has ordered authorities to arrest people vandalizing monuments and statues.

“No exceptions,” Trump tweeted.

US President Donald Trump is taking steps against vandalizing statues in the United States.

“Anyone who vandalizes or destroys a monument, statue or other public property in the United States can be arrested and jailed for up to ten years in prison,” the US president wrote on Twitter.

“This measure is effective immediately but can also be used retroactively for destruction or vandalism that has already been caused. There will be no exceptions! ”

Statues destroyed in the United States

Dozens of statues have been vandalized in several locations around the country in connection with Black Lives Matter demonstrations in the United States.

These are historical individuals associated with the slave trade, the Confederation during the American Civil War, or the colonization of the United States.

In some cases, it is the statue itself that is considered problematic, rather than the person it represents.

One of these is a statue of former President Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt where he sits on a horse while an African American and a native American stand on each side of him, which is outside the Manhattan Natural History Museum.

It should now be removed by local authorities – despite Trump opposing this.


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