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Trump is hospitalized at Walter Reeds Military Hospital


Trump will be moved to Walter Reed’s military hospital in the next few days, as an extra precaution, the White House said.

This hospital is where all presidents are treated and it has equipment that allows the president to work in security and communicate via secure channels.

Has received experimental treatment

President Donald Trump has received experimental corona treatment and is exhausted after the diagnosis.

This is stated by the doctor in the White House in a written statement.

The president has received a dose of eight grams of the experimental medicine from the company Regeneron.

The medicine consists of so-called polyclonal antibodies, and is still under development.

The medicine is thus not approved for use yet. However, it is approved for testing, and has been used on patients in both Europe and the United States.

Regeneron director Eli Lily has been a friend of the president for several years, CNN wrote earlier tonight.

The early tests have given hope that the medicine can reduce the virus level in the body and shorten the course of the disease, according to the company.

Have fever and cough

Trump has had a fever since early Friday morning, a source told CNN.

According to the White House, the symptoms should be mild.

The symptoms of Trump are mild fever, stuffy nose and cough, writes The New York Times. They refer to two sources with knowledge of the president’s condition.

It will probably take between four and seven days before it is known whether President Donald Trump (74) becomes seriously ill from covid-19, or whether he recovers easily from the disease.

– A 75-year-old man will on average have a greater probability of being admitted to hospital, and a greater probability that it can have a fatal outcome, says epidemiologist John-Arne Røttingen to NRK.


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