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Today Marks 85th Wedding Anniversary For Prince Frederik (9th) And Princess Ingrid

Prince Frederik
Sunday, May 24, 2020, it is 85 years since Crown Prince Frederik (9th) and Princess Ingrid of Sweden said yes to each other in the Great Church in Gamla Stan, Stockholm. After the wedding and celebrations in the Swedish capital, the new Danish Crown Prince couple sailed with the Royal Danish ship Dannebrog to Copenhagen, where the celebration continued two days later, and a new life began for the newlyweds.

With a four-minute delay, Princess Ingrid of Sweden arrived on May 24, 1935 for her wedding with Crown Prince Frederik (9th) at the Storkyrkan in Stockholm. Followed by her father and to organ tunes from the hymn “The Signed Day”, the bride walked up the church floor to her future husband to give her yes. After the bridal Mass, the church guests sang “It is so nice to be followed”, and in the newspaper the following day you could read that ” Through the song the echo of the warships salute is heard on the stream. The shots tell all of Stockholm that Denmark has got a Crown Princess. 

After the wedding, a carriage ride followed in the festive streets of the Swedish capital, where several thousands had set up flags and balloons. Both Swedes and traveling Danes filled up the sidewalk cafes well, and many met in a “fraternity scale”, as the newspaper said the following day. At Stockholm Castle, guests were waiting for the Crown Prince and the new Crown Princess for a gala lunch before the bride and groom were to sail home to Denmark in the afternoon with the Royal Ship Dannebrog. At lunch, which consisted of, among other things, turtle soup, turbot fillet, duck breast and strawberry soufflé, the bride’s grandfather Gustav V spoke for the bridal couple. Here, the Swedish King said, among other things, ” My beloved Ingrid! You have been a sunbeam for your grandfather in his old days … We will never forget you. 

Prince Frederik

At 5 pm it was time for Crown Princess Ingrid to say goodbye to her family and fatherland. Led by Gustav 5. the guests, including the pal’s parents, Christian 10. and Queen Alexandrine, threw rice groats after the bridal couple as they sailed out to Dannebrog with chalup. From the quay the crowd sang “You old, you free”, and above it passed 36 airmen forming an F and an I. In Politiken the following day you could read that ” when Chalup was a bit out on the stream, Ingrid saw approaching his father and raising his arms to a movement that was to say: now you have me no more. 

The Copenhagen
National Party Although the Crown Prince couple’s wedding took place in Stockholm, there was also a party in Denmark on the wedding day. Especially in Copenhagen, the capital was getting ready to welcome the country’s new Crown Princess. Many citizens had pictures of Crown Princess Ingrid in the windows on May 24, and from the country’s bakers, Ingrid-Konfekt and Ingrid-Cakes were sold, when in the morning the radio was set to Stockholm to hear the wedding report.  

Two days after the wedding, the bridal couple arrived at the Port of Copenhagen, and with 84 cannon shots the Crown Prince couple was welcomed to the capital well helped by the thousands of Danes and traveling Swedes who had arrived. From the balcony of Christian VII’s Mansion in Amalienborg, the Crown Prince couple appeared shortly after arrival with Christian 10. and Queen Alexandrine. The royal couple had taken a night train from Stockholm so they could be ready to welcome the bridal couple in Denmark. Later, a carriage ride for Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Ingrid followed through the streets of Copenhagen, and when the couple returned home from the trip, the carriage was filled with flowers. After this, the Crown Prince couple showed up again from the balcony before getting dressed for tonight’s gala dinner at Christiansborg Castle. From the balcony, Crown Prince Frederik spoke to the large crowd,Thank you all for the wonderful reception you have given me and my bride today. Then, after I have led my Bride here, my first act be with you all to bring a living to our Fatherland. Denmark Live! 

Source: kongehuset.dk

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