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Now you have to get used to more surveillance in Copenhagen


Copenhagen Police has been given the green light to set up 14 new surveillance cameras. This is part of the government’s initiative ‘Security and safety in public space’.

In Copenhagen, people will soon have to turn to even more surveillance. 

The Copenhagen Police have been given the green light to set up 14 new surveillance cameras – including on Gothersgade and at the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen. 

The new surveillance cameras are part of the government’s initiative ‘Safety and security in public space’, which was launched last October and aims to strengthen the police’s opportunities to prevent and investigate crime in public space. 

We have chosen these places because we know that they are places where many people come and where there is a lot of crime or insecurity.

Torben Laursen, Police Inspector, Copenhagen Police

And the new cameras can have a big impact on the work of the police. 

– This means that we get some areas where we can quickly target our search and catch the perpetrator, says Torben Laursen, who is a police inspector in the Copenhagen Police and continues:

– It simply helps to support our work. If something criminal happens, we can document it, and use it as evidence in court. 


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