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The Number Of Infected People In Denmark Increases By Over 100


The number of infected people goes only one way, and that is up, the prime minister says.

The number of covid-19 infected persons in Denmark has increased from 156 to 262.

At the same time, 1101 people are quarantined.

This is stated in the Danish Agency for Patient Safety’s website , which updated the figures at 17.10.

The number of infected Danes is only going one way right now – and that’s up, writes Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen on Facebook .

In a very short time, we have gone from 35 infected to having 262 Danes infected with coronavirus at the time of writing. In the coming days, that number will only increase, just as we see it in the world around us, she continues.

In addition to the 262 infected in Denmark, there are two infected in the Faroe Islands.

With the current development, there are currently 14 countries in the world that have more infections than Denmark, according to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University, who are constantly monitoring confirmed cases. However, it is constantly changing.

New initiatives
On Tuesday, the government presented a series of measures aimed at reducing the infection in Denmark.

Everyone’s behavior will be crucial for the strategy to work, Mette Frederiksen said.

Among the measures was a call for the population to avoid public transport during rush hour .

In addition, flights from red areas no longer have to land in Denmark from midnight. Red areas are the places to which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends all travel.

Source: nyheder.tv2.dk

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