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Jeppe Kofod

The Foreign Ministry Is Bringing Home Danes From Morocco

Jeppe Kofod

Three extraordinary flights from Marrakech to Copenhagen tomorrow will help the Danes return home, which, due to the corona shutdown, risks beaches in Morocco. This is stated by Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod.

It is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that, in collaboration with the travel industry, has chartered the planes.

It is important that they are now open to travel home and that the Danes seek as soon as possible to book their home picture. With the three aircraft, there should be enough capacity to get the Danes who would like to go home, says Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod.

You will soon be notified, among other things, via the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Danish list and website on how to book the tickets. Two days ago, the ministry reported that over 1,000 Danes were in Morocco.

A large number of Danes traveling the world risk not being able to return home after many countries have closed borders and air traffic because of the spread of corona virus.

I understand very well that people around the world are frustrated, but even if you are stranded for a shorter or longer period, it is important to emphasize that you are not left behind and you are not forgotten. We are struggling to find solutions, says Jeppe Kofod.

‘Keep trying’

In recent days, many travelers have tried in vain to get through to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ‘Citizens’ Service to get a clear answer to what applies in their particular area.

As I said, I fully understand people’s frustrations and concerns. It can be hard to get through. There is often poor telephone and network connection in the world, but keep trying on the phone, on the mail, on embassies. We have targeted all our resources to help Danes who are out there, says the Foreign Minister.

In connection with the corona crisis, the Foreign Ministry has invited Danes abroad to register on the Citizens’ Service’s so-called Danish list.

This morning, 88,900 travelers and almost 22,000 permanent residents abroad joined the list.

Source: dr.dk

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