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Swedish politicians: The relationship between Denmark and Scania has been damaged


Skåne must now travel freely into Denmark. But it has taken too long, the criticism reads.

From midnight, Swedes from Scania have been allowed to travel freely into Denmark.

Previously, they have only been able to travel into the country upon presentation of a negative corona test. At the same time, the Scans are also exempt from the requirement to book six nights in Denmark before entering, as other tourists otherwise must.

But it easedapproach to the Scanians has been too long along the way, it sounds from Swedish politicians. And that may have hurt the relationship betweenregions.

According to Lund’s mayor, Philip Sandberg, Skåne and eastern Denmark are so integrated that it must be considered a common region.

– When you close the bridge to Skåne, it’s like closing a small belt or closing the roads between Copenhagen and Roskilde.

– We are one region, which is closely related as we work very closely together. If you close it, it will have major consequences, he says.

Danish double standards
Niels Paarup-Petersen, who sits in the Riksdag – the Swedish answer in the Folketing – for the Center Party, also believes that the relationship between the Scanians and Denmark has suffered damage.

Because while Sweden has generally been hit harder by coronavirus than Denmark, the numbers have looked good in Scania.

– You have not had a reasonable approach to Skåne. One has just looked at the national figures in Sweden, especially in Stockholm. It has been a problem tooregion long.

He believes that the Danish approach has settled in the slopes.

– It feels unreasonable that so many Danes come to Skåne, while Skåne must not come to Denmark. After all, it’s just double standards, and everyone has realized it. Therefore, some have been annoyed about it.

– It’s about the feeling of being part of the same regionor not. The feeling of easily being able to take a job in Copenhagen disappears a bit when the border is often closed, he says.

The wounds should be healed – with Old Danish
In Elsinore – a city that usually makes a good living from Swedish tourists – Mayor Benedikte Kiær (K) is pleased that the people of Skåne can now freely go to the city again, so that the turnover from the Swedish tourists who normally run can resume. up to around 400 million DKK annually.


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