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Sosu-hjælper filmede og delte video af demensramt kvinde: - Er du skør eller hvad?

Sosu helper filmed and shared video of dementia-stricken woman: – Are you crazy or what?

Sosu-hjælper filmede og delte video af demensramt kvinde: - Er du skør eller hvad?

The mayor is deeply affected by the incident and calls for a change in the law to ensure that sharpened vessels are not employed elsewhere in the elderly care.

– I’m trying to greet you.

The words come from a male social and health worker and are aimed at an 83-year-old female resident of a nursing home.

He stands in the woman’s kitchen while he films her. She suffers from dementia and looks at him confused.

Now. Okay, she says.

– Are you crazy, or what the fuck is wrong with you?, siger hjælperen.

Translated into Danish it means:

– Are you crazy, or what the hell is wrong with you?

The social and health worker continues to speak English to the woman, expressing that she does not understand what he is saying.

– Are you ugly or what? What the hell is wrong with you ?, he replies to her.

How to start a 37 second video that TV 2 is in possession of. It was recorded in May this year by a social and health worker, who subsequently shared the video with at least one acquaintance.

She was not upset, she is totally demented. Understands nothing and forgets everything

                                               Social and health worker in message to acquaintance

Dementia psychologist shocked

In July, TV 2’s documentary ‘The nursing homes behind the façade’ revealed examples of gross neglect, harmful treatment and unworthy speech to two dementia-sick residents.

The new video that TV 2 has come into possession of is thus another example in the series of documented, criticisable conditions in elderly care.

The video was recorded by a trained 34-year-old social and health worker in an apartment at Plejehjemmet Grønnehaven in Elsinore, where the 83-year-old woman lives.

By agreement with the woman’s relatives, TV 2 has been allowed to bring the video. For the sake of the woman, TV 2 has chosen to obscure the video, and for the same reason, the family appears anonymously.

The woman’s daughter tells TV 2 that the family is deeply affected by the incident.


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