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Requirements for face mask meet resistance in Denmark

The Danes found it easier to accept spraying, hand washing and distance to slow down the spread of corona.

To curb the rising corona infection, Danes will from Thursday wear face mask in supermarkets, libraries and many other places, and now for the first time there is resistance and skepticism against the authorities’ measures.

“For the first time during the corona epidemic, we see a hard core of skeptics who react in the negative and do not support the authorities’ recommendation of face mask,” says Professor Michael Bang Petersen.

He is based on answers from approx. 500 people who have been asked every day since 13 May as part of an ongoing study of people’s attitudes and actions during the epidemic – the so-called Hope project at Aarhus University.

70 pct. supports the requirement for face mask, but it is lower than the support for canceling public and private events, which is approx. 90 pct. On the other hand, support for a curfew and shutdown of public transport is even lower than for bandages, namely around 20 per cent.

We did not see a similar protest when we received recommendations on hand washing, spraying, distance requirements, etc.

“We did not see a similar protest when we received recommendations on hand washing, spraying, distance requirements, etc.,” says Michael Bang Petersen.

Lars Østergaard, professor at Aarhus University Hospital, sees two reasons for the skepticism. Firstly, the requirement is “intrusive for many”, and secondly “there has also been a discussion among professionals about the effect of wearing a bandage”.

However, the requirement to wear a mouthpiece does not apply to e.g. people who experience it as a ‘significant discomfort’. The discomfort must not be documented, the authorities state. It creates confusion.

»Do we risk a fine if we do not see documentation? It helps to create confusion that we are not crystal clear to know what the rules are, “says John Wagner, CEO of De Samvirkende Købmænd.

Source: jyllands-posten.dk

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