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Requirements for face mask in public transport on the road

Requirements for face mask in public transport on the way

Requirements for face mask in public transport on the road
While the government is planning demands, the use of face mask is increasing by way of volunteering.

The Danes will soon be met with an order to wear a face mask when traveling by bus, train, metro or light rail around the country.

This has been announced by Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke in the political negotiations on phase 4 in the reopening of Denmark, Jyllands-Posten learns from several participants in the negotiations.

The government will thus expand the requirement, which has so far only been valid in Aarhus and East Jutland municipalities, so that it will be mandatory throughout the country to wear a face mask when traveling by public transport.

It is unclear exactly when the injunction will take effect and what the consequences will be of violating it, but Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen will hold a press conference on covid-19 in Denmark on Saturday morning.

The extended requirements come after the infection has started to rise again. Aarhus in particular has been plagued by local outbreaks to such an extent that if the city were its own country, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would advise against traveling there. The latest infection figures from the Statens Serum Institut show 165 new cases – of which 77 were to be found in Aarhus.

For a long time, the National Board of Health has not wanted to recommend using face mask in Denmark on the grounds that the effect was questionable, but in recent times the board has added more and more items to the list of situations where it will still recommend face mask.

Thus, while the government is planning mandatory face masks and masks on the journey, the number of passengers who voluntarily wear protection against covid-19 has increased.

It shows random checks that both DSB and Metroselskabet have carried out over the past week.

Source: jyllands-posten.dk

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