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Prince Charles

Prince Charles Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Prince Charles

Queen Elizabeth is in good health and is at Windsor Castle. Prince Charles has been tested positive for coronavirus.

It writes the King’s House in a press release according to Sky News. The press release states that the 71-year-old heiress experiences only mild symptoms of the disease.

Prince Charles has been in self-selected isolation in his home in Scotland in recent days with his wife Camilla Parker Bowles. She has been tested negative for the virus, Sky News writes.

Don’t know where the infection comes from
According to the British King’s House, because of the many royal obligations of the Prince, it has not been possible to find out when he was infected.

However, the Prince was at an event with Prince Albert of Monaco on March 10. Two days later, Prince Albert was tested positive for coronavirus. That’s what Business Insider writes .

Prince Charles is 71 and is the eldest son of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth.

According to the British King’s House, he has not been in contact with his mother since March 12.

Queen Elizabeth is currently at Windsor Castle outside London.

Large sections of British society have been shut down
The news that the Prince has been infected comes shortly after large parts of British society have been shut down.

On Monday night, Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared that drastic measures are needed to curb the spread of coronavirus in the UK. For example, for the past three weeks, for example, meeting more than two people is prohibited unless you live together.

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