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Justice Minister Nick Hekkerup

New Emergency Law On The Way: The Government Will Send Hand Sanitizer Thieves To Jail

Justice Minister Nick Hekkerup

Justice Minister Nick Hekkerup (S) and the government will now double and, in some cases, quadruple the penalty for committing crimes that are directly linked to the current corona crisis.

The Minister of Justice said this at a press conference this afternoon.

Partly, it is about the financial crime associated with the aid packages launched by the government to reach out to distressed companies.

If the companies cheat on them, the penalty will be four times as hard as normal.

“It will have extremely severe consequences for those who commit the crime,” Nick Hekkerup says.

In addition, it must trigger double punishment to steal protective equipment such as handguns and mouths.

A proposal that the Left’s mayor Inger Støjberg has previously made. This happened after several hospitals reported the theft of hand rubbing and mouthwash, and because theft thieves had knocked at senior citizens and said they were from the health care system.

Since March 1, 2020, 16 reports have been registered of attempted or completed theft, burglary or similar regarding protective equipment.

If the theft occurs from a hospital or pharmacy, the theft must trigger a prison.

Going forward, you will go to jail if you commit that crime, says Nick Hekkerup.

The bill also states that if you steal, for example, handshake

Already, a majority is behind the government’s bill. In addition to Inger Støjberg, the Unity List also supports the bill. Bills must be urgently dealt with in the Danish Parliament as early as Thursday.


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