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Polar Air And Summer Heat Meet On Sunday Over Denmark – Can Give Huge Temperature Contrasts

Polar Air

Large temperature differences when cold front passes Denmark on Sunday.

Although Denmark is a small country, it will be far from where you are on Sunday.

Some will simply get single-digit heat degrees and gale from the northwest, while others can enjoy sunny and quite summery weather.

It happens when a cold front on Sunday moves down Denmark from the north. It gives us the opportunity to experience some very large temperature differences across the country.

It may be a race over time how much of the country can reach the summery weather before cold polar air from the Arctic Ocean flows down over Denmark.

On the southern side of the cold front, summer warm air is flowing from central Europe at the same time – and according to the latest forecasts, the weather in the south-east of the country will be in sharp contrast to the cold and windy weather that is already affecting Northwest Jutland on Sunday morning and morning.

Over 20 degrees in the southeast of the country

While the northern part of Jutland has 5 to 8 degrees of heat, periods of rain and windy weather from the northwest, especially in the south-east of the country there are views of periods of sun, relatively calm wind conditions and temperatures between 18 and 20 degrees. .

In Lolland / Falster and Bornholm there are even good chances of sunny weather, and here, according to the latest forecasts, the temperature can reach 21 degrees.

During Sunday afternoon, the cold front is also expected to reach over that part of the country, and here a marked fall in temperature – to just 10-11 degrees in the late afternoon.

The cold polar air then enters Denmark, and well into next week we have to endure with day temperatures below 10 degrees and the risk of night frosts.

Polar air and summer heat meet over Denmark

While it is polar air flowing down Denmark from the north, Sunday is regular summer heat blowing towards us from the south.

Below northern Germany, temperatures between 23 and 25 degrees are expected on Sunday.

Should the temperature somewhere in the southeast of the country reach 21.3 degrees before the cold front passes, it will be the highest temperature of the year so far.

Source: vejr.tv2.dk

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