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Poison attacks

Poison attacks must have consequences for senior Russians, political majority believes

Poison attacks

‘It must hurt’, say the parties that want to sanction the single Russians behind it.

The Russians who turn out to be behind the poison attack on Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny will not be able to spend money and buy property in Europe or send their children to school in Europe for that matter.

Denmark must sanction and hit the culprits behind the attack hard, the Liberal Party believes.

– So they can be hit as hard as possible. We know this is something that hurts, says the Liberal Party’s foreign affairs spokesman Michael Aastrup Jensen.

It is the so-called Magnitsky sanctions that are needed to draw a line in the sand against Russia, after Germany yesterday stated that Alexei Navalny was poisoned with the rare nerve agent novichok, the party believes.

Now it is clear to everyone that the Russian regime is now completely indifferent to law and order when they start making assassination attempts against the opposition politician , says Michael Aastrup Jensen (V).

The party is now sending a direct call to Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod (S) to knock on the table.

And not only must Denmark impose sanctions on the Russians behind the assassination , the foreign minister must also knock on the table in Brussels and get more countries involved, the Liberal Party believes.

– We need to introduce sanctions from the EU so that it hits harder. But we can take active leadership from the Danish side and ask to get it on the agenda and get it decided now, says Michael Aastrup Jensen.

Foreign Minister condemns the poisoning

Last night, Jeppe Kofod condemned the act and demanded that Russia conduct an in-depth investigation and owe answers in the case.


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