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Norwegian police want to have seized Tom Hagen’s house again


Norwegian police have only been in the home of the rich man Tom Hagen for two days this summer, but the police want to continue investigations in the home.

It emerged at a court hearing on Thursday, where the court will decide whether the police can seize Hagen’s home for another three months.

Billionaire Tom Hagen is charged with murder or complicity in the murder of his wife.

Hagen’s defender, lawyer Svein Holden, believes that the seizure of the home is a heavy burden for his client.

– It is exhausting for a man not to have access to his own home. He has become very well known, and it is clear that it is extra stressful not to be able to seek refuge in his own home, Holden told reporters ahead of Thursday’s court hearing about Hagen’s home.

New studies planned

The team argues that the police have not been in the home very much.

He says that the criminal police investigator, Christer Svane Andersson, has stated that the investigators have only been in the home twice – once in July and once in August.


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