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Greater Copenhagen

New restrictions in Greater Copenhagen: Face mask in restaurants and nightlife must close at 10 pm

Greater Copenhagen

A number of new measures are introduced to limit corona infection in the metropolitan area.

Face mask has become mandatory at restaurants, bars and cafes in 17 municipalities in the Greater Copenhagen area .

In addition, the nightlife in Copenhagen and in the surrounding 16 municipalities must close at 10 pm.

The measure will be introduced from Thursday to limit corona infection in the metropolitan area . It is valid for a preliminary 14 days until 1 October.

The private parties should also end at 10 pm, says Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke (S):

– You can still hold weddings and confirmations if you can follow the Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s guidelines , but our call is to stay within the 10 pm rule.

We come with a clear message to the entire population. Turn down the social contacts throughout the fall. If we do nothing now, we risk being on the brink of something that could develop into another wave, reads another message from Health Minister Magnus Heunicke (S) at the press conference .

Signage in the nightlife

The police keep an eye on so-called hotspots, where there are often many people gathered, the Minister of Health also informs.

If people and restaurants do not comply with the new measures in 17 municipalities in Copenhagen and the surrounding area, the police are ready to issue orders and residence bans. This is what Minister of Justice Nick Hækkerup says:

– We have seen that there have been problems in the nightlife with keeping distance. Especially when alcohol has entered the bloodstream.

– Now we put extra focus on the restaurant environment complied with the distance requirement. We introduce a requirement for signage with how many people can be at a restaurant or bar, says Nick Hækkerup.

He is supplemented by National Police Chief Thorkild Fogde, who is happy that the police now have a better opportunity to step in and stop parties:

– We need clear restrictions . We now get this with a requirement that restaurants must close at 10 pm. It does not help that we work at home if we just party through, says Thorkild Fogde.

The National Board of Health: We must remember the distance

Helene Probst, who is center manager at the National Board of Health , emphasizes that we must remember the distance requirement of one meter – and in some cases two meters.

The restaurant industry must ensure that the distance requirements are complied with at, for example, toilets and entrances to the restaurants.

– We therefore introduce requirements for bandages when you do not sit down as an extra measure, if you can not always keep your distance, says Helene Probst.

She adds that they communicate with, among other things, leisure activities to secure offers for the young people, now that they are encouraged to have fewer social contacts.

Source: Dr.Dk

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