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New Beautiful Sight – Meteor Swarms Culminate Over Denmark


A few days after Elon Musk’s satellite train arrived in the sky, there is now another reason for a night out.

There is plenty to see in the evening sky over Denmark, and the weather is also perfect for stargazing.

On Tuesday night and night, the meteor swarm culminates in the Lyrids, just as there are still plenty to see and see Tesla founder Elon Musk’s Star Link satellites pass the sky in a well-ordered cortege.

There are absolutely fantastic conditions to see the Lyrids. It is likely to be completely cloudless throughout the country on Tuesday night and Wednesday night. On Bornholm there may be some clouds on Wednesday, but otherwise it looks super good on the sunshine, says meteorologist at TV 2 Weather Jens Ringgård Christiansen.

The sun sets at 20.18 in Rønne to the east and at 20.44 in Esbjerg to the west. And about three blocks later it gets really dark.

At that time, the sun will be six degrees below the horizon, which is the boundary between so-called civil and nautical twilight, and then there are really good opportunities to see stellar shots, explains Jens Ringgård Christiansen.

At that time there will also be no light from the moon to disturb the sight as the moon goes down before the sun. And it’s over two weeks until the bright nights begin.

The Lyrids are an annual recurring event, but many years will be overcast and thus no way to see the meteor swarm from Earth.

The meteor swarm is named after the constellation Lyren, which contains, among other things, the brightly lit star Vega.

The many meteors appear to come from just the constellation, which is why you should also focus on getting the most out of the evening.

When the meteor swarm culminates, there will be up to 18 stellar shots per hour. Most will be seen as short light trails across the sky, but there may also be clearer fireballs.


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