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Nyt badge skal få folk til at holde afstand fra sårbare

New badge should make people keep their distance from vulnerable

Nyt badge skal få folk til at holde afstand fra sårbare

Vulnerable people receive a badge that reminds them to keep their distance so as not to expose them to the risk of infection.

The coronavirus continues to spread in Denmark, and therefore it is important to keep a distance – not least to the vulnerable people who are at particular risk of a serious disease course.

Therefore, particularly vulnerable Danes will receive a blue badge that signals that you must keep your distance so as not to risk infecting them with coronavirus.

This is what Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke (S) says at a press conference on Wednesday.

– It has been a sought-after tool. We must all remember to keep our distance, but of course it happens that someone forgets it, he explains.

Take care of them with badges

From Monday, all Danes will therefore be able to pick up the badge at the country’s pharmacies or order it via a number of patient associations’ websites.

The idea for a badge comes from Danish Disability Organizations, and the blue badge itself has been developed in a collaboration between them, the National Board of Health and other patient organizations.

The badge is also for those who, for example, are in family or friends with vulnerable people.

This is explained by Helene Probst, who is deputy director of the National Board of Health and also participated in Wednesday’s press conference on coronavirus.

– Badget is intended for people at increased risk, but also for relatives or others who want to take extra care, says Helene Probst.

The idea is that you can put on a badge if, for example, you go to the supermarket or the library and want to remind others not to get too close.

– And for all of us, it is important to notice if people are wearing this badge, and then take into account what it is like to keep your distance, Helene Probst emphasizes.

Happy disability chairman

The National Board of Health’s recommendation is that you basically keep a distance of one meter. But for people in the risk group, the recommendation is two meters.


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