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Leaning working hours and solo lunch: Here are the guidelines for reopening private businesses


When Denmark is to be opened gradually and carefully next week, this means that some of the employees of private companies can also return to their desks.

There is no doubt that we are facing a very large, common task, said Business Minister Simon Kollerup during a press conference earlier today.

He stressed several times that it must be fully justified. In collaboration with the Danish Agency for Patient Safety and the Ministry of Employment, the Ministry of Business and Industry has issued a set of guidelines on how to do this.

Let’s start by looking at which employees from the private companies are able to return.

If the employee has worked at home so far and has been accomplished about the same as if he or she was in his workplace, then it must continue.

If it is significantly more difficult to be equally productive at home due to lack of equipment, for example, then the employee may need to attend the office.

Or as stated in the guidelines:

– This is particularly relevant for companies where the return of employees has had a negative impact on value creation and productivity.

However, this does not apply to companies that are closed down by coercion, such as hairdressers, tattoos and gyms.

If you are at risk and are particularly at risk of infection, the Minister of Business Affairs calls for you to stay home.


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