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Danish passports

KL: There are errors in over 200,000 Danish passports

Danish passports
18 municipalities have received passports with errors. The right and left fingerprints have been swapped around.

208,000 Danes are offered a new passport after an error has resulted in a change in the number of issued passports on the left and right fingerprints.

This is stated by the National Association of Local Authorities, KL. The 208,000 Danes can get a new passport free of charge.

It is a supplier of the passports who has made a mistake so that the fingerprints have been swapped around. The passports are valid. However, if you have a faulty passport, you can, according to the National Police, experience problems traveling into certain countries.

18 municipalities have used the supplier in question. The 208,000 passports have been issued from 2014-2017, and affected citizens will be notified by e-box within the next six months.

Here, affected citizens will be notified to show up at Borgerservice and have the new passport made.

– It is of course extremely annoying that the error has occurred at all, and it is annoying for the citizens who now have to go down to Citizen Service to have their passport replaced.

– But we hope it can be done as smoothly as possible. And if you are facing a journey in the coming time, you should not be afraid to leave, says KL director Christian Harsløf in a press release.

He says that KL is not aware that some countries are currently using fingerprints in passports for identification.

– But it is of course important that we correct the error, so that in the coming years there is no risk of being rejected when entering another country, says Christian Harsløf in the press release.

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