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France expands mask order: 131 countries now have made face mask compulsory

Photo: Andy rain © Scanpix

Several countries are tightening the rules and making it mandatory to wear a face mask.

While in Denmark we are free to choose whether we want to wear a face mask on the train, or when we are out shopping, other countries choose to take a tighter course.

In France today, the list of places where it is has been expanded mandatory to wear a face mask. So far, it has been, among other things mandatory to wear bandages in public transport and a number of cultural sites such as museums.

But in future, the French will also have to wear bandages in indoor public areas such as banks, shops and covered markets.

And the list may get longer. The French prime minister, Jean Castex, states according to Ritzau that the French government will consider whether bandages should also be mandatory on jobs.

If you do not comply injunction, there is a fine of 137 euros, which is equivalent to a little over 1,000 kroner.

The French are not alone in looking at the need for mandatory mask. 131 countries now have requirements for bandages in different contexts.

In the following, you can read more examples of other countries choosing to go other ways than Denmark.


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