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For the first time ever: Speed ​​bully is sentenced to prison in Copenhagen


Never before has a speeding offense alone triggered a prison sentence. Man from Hvidovre drove 156 over Langebro.

For the first time ever, a speeding offense has triggered a prison sentence.

It happened on Friday in Copenhagen City Court, where a man from Hvidovre has been sentenced to 30 days probation for driving 156 kilometers per hour over Langebro in Copenhagen.

The speeding offense is the only matter on the indictment, and that is what is historical. In previous cases, it has always taken more to trigger a prison sentence.

That the sentence is conditional, however, means that the man must not go in and serve his sentence. But it can come into play if he again violates the traffic law , and a judge considers that the conditional sentence should be triggered.

In addition to the prison sentence, the man has been denied the right to drive a car. Only in a year will he have to get behind the wheel again.

Source: dr.dk

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