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Five people killed and two wounded after bow and arrow attacks in Norway.

The suspected perpetrator has been arrested.

Five people have been killed in the Norwegian town of Kongsberg after a person walked around the city with a bow and arrow tonight. In addition, two people are injured.

This is stated by Norwegian police at a press conference.

Police have arrested a man suspected of being the perpetrator. It is not believed that there are accomplices at large, and therefore the police are not looking for other people tonight either.

  • There has been a confrontation between the perpetrator and the police. But I can not say anything about the arrest itself, says police chief in Kongsberg Øyvind Aas. The police also do not want to disclose exactly how many victims are in the case. It is also not stated which motive was behind the action. It is still too early to say anything about, it sounds from Øyvind Aas. A journalist asks if there may be a terrorist attack.
  • Time will tell what the motive has been for the action. Right now we are dealing with what we know: We have several injured, and we have also died, and we have arrested a perpetrator, says Øyvind Aas according to NRK.

The detainee has been taken to the holding in Drammen.

Location of Kongsberg in Norway
  • There is still a lot of police activity, and it is because the perpetrator has moved over a large area, says Øyvind Aas, who adds that they are in the process of securing tracks.
  • We use a lot of crew and all the resources that are available, he says. Aas also says more police are on their way to the area from other police districts. In addition, it has been decided that the police in the area are now armed – it is not Norwegian police otherwise.

According to the police, the perpetrator walked around the center of Kongsberg, which is about 80 kilometers west of Oslo, and shot at people.

The report ticked in at 18.13, and on Twitter the local police wrote that it was a “serious incident”.

The police have not stated where the perpetrator has been along the way, but a spokesperson for Coop in Norway informs VG that there has been a “serious incident” in their supermarket in the city. She also says none of their employees have been physically injured.

The Norwegian counterpart to PET, PST, has been briefed, writes VG. The same is the case for Minister of Justice Monica Mæland.

We are in close dialogue with the ordinary police, says senior adviser in PST Martin Bernsen to VG.


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