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Denmark Rains

February Sets A Record: Never Before Have Denmark Receive This Much Rain

Denmark Rains

In many places – especially in Jutland – contingency is struggling with creeks and streams that float because of the rainfall and because the wind pushes around with the water masses.

Elsewhere, the water accumulates in smaller lakes to the detriment of traffic.

And that’s why.

This afternoon, according to figures from the Danish Meteorological Institute, DMI, we have passed the 109.0 millimeters, which was the previous record for precipitation in February.

The record so far for the wettest February was back in 2002. It is a national average and that means that there are places in the country that have received even more rain.

Bornholm, for example, has only received an average of 42.2 millimeters of rain since February 1, while there are places in central and southern Jutland that have received between 150-175 millimeters of rain during the same period.

At the time of writing, the national average is 109.1 millimeters, making this February 2020 the wettest February in all the time we have measured rainfall in Denmark (since 1874).

And so it happened with another six days left of February.

Yes, this is due to climate change

The big question then is whether this is an isolated case, or whether the extremely wet February is a sign that climate change is real?

Yes, the weather host responds to DR Weather Mikael Jarnvig.

But – and that’s a big but – some episodes are no evidence of climate change. It takes a number of days, months and preferably years before you can say that something is due to climate change.

– When you look at the last 30 years and compare with the previous 30 years, you see that the rainfall in Denmark is rising and rising and has been doing so since 1874, when you started measuring. Climate change is in full swing in Denmark, and we have had several of these episodes over the years, continues Mikael Jarnvig.


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