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Young man on Funen was fined for refusing to wear a face mask

A 24-year-old man repeatedly refused to wear a face mask at Odense Railway Station Center. It triggered a fine.

On the first day of a nationwide order to wear a face mask in public transport, a single fine was handed out on Saturday.

It is clear after a tour of all the country’s police districts on Sunday night.

This is a 24-year-old man from Vejle, who has been charged with failing to comply with the order. He can therefore look forward to a fine of 2500 kroner.

This is what Hans Jørgen Larsen, duty officer at Funen Police, says.

Mouth and nose must be covered for public transport

On Saturday, a general injunction was imposed on face mask in public transport.

The police received the report from staff at Odense Railway Station Center on Saturday at 21.15.

– We received a message that they had problems with a person who did not want to wear a face mask at the train station. They reprimand him several times, but he will not take it on.

– When he keeps refusing, they call us. When we arrive, our officer also asks him to put it on, but again he refuses, says the chief of guards.

According to Hans Jørgen Larsen, the 24-year-old man was reprimanded at least three times before the charge was dropped.

– And then he was asked to leave the place, he says.

According to Funen Police, it is unknown whether the young man accepted the accusation.

On Saturday evening, DSB’s information manager, Tony Bispeskov, said that most passengers are in good control of the new requirement.

– I would think that there was a bit of uncertainty and confusion early this morning, which made nine out of ten remember it, but now we are approaching ten out of ten because people have clearly accepted it, said Tony Bispeskov.

The new injunction applies to all travelers over the age of 12 in public transport and aims to reduce infection with coronavirus.

The requirement covers passengers in buses, trains, metro, light rail, Flextrafik and at stations and at stops, as well as passengers in private public transport.

So far, the requirement for a face mask in public transport applies until the end of October, but it is possible that it will be either shortened or extended.

Source: jyllands-posten.dk

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