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Extreme Heat Wave Of 40 To 45 Degrees Hit Greece And Turkey

Greece And Turkey

Extreme heat wave of 40 to 45 degrees has plagued Southeastern Europe for the past three days.

While in Denmark it is colder than usual, the story is quite the opposite in Greece and Turkey. Here, there is an unusual heat wave, and in both countries new heights have reached how far the thermometer can go in the last spring of the year.

In Greece, warmer records were set both Friday and Saturday. Maize’s warm record was from 1988 and sounded at 40.6 degrees. Friday broke the record marginally as 40.7 degrees were measured in Kato Tithorea.

On Saturday, the thermometer reached 41.8 degrees near Hiraklion in Crete. In Athens, the old heat record was hit both Saturday and Sunday, and the record now reads at 38.4 degrees instead of 36.7 degrees.

Almost 45 degrees in Turkey
Turkey has had even warmer weather than Greece, and a new record for heat has also been set in May.


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