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Denmark: Almost No Rain Will Fall Over The Next Ten Days


April has so far started to crack – and in several places in Denmark it will continue like this for the next ten days.

Nationally, only 2.9 millimeters of rain has fallen in April. And the dry trend continues.

There are places in Denmark where you will hardly get one millimeter of rain over the next ten days if Friday’s forecasts prove to be right.

Before we enter the new, dry period, however, parts of Denmark must have rain on Saturday.

Easter Day with up to 18 degrees

A low pressure, which for a while gives us warmer Easter weather, sends its warm front over the northern part of Jutland on Saturday, where there can be about five millimeters of rain.

Then follows an Easter day, which gets sun in periods and temperatures up to 18 degrees in the eastern part of the country.

In the afternoon, the low-pressure cold front should eventually pass the country, but in this connection, only a few millimeters of rain will fall, and probably nothing in the southwestern part of Denmark.

From Easter 2, which gets cold and windy, a high pressure is built up again near Denmark, which in turn ensures us more stable weather.

Therefore, it will be very sparse with precipitation, and therefore we are looking into a new week where it will be mostly dry weather, as will some sunshine in periods.

The dry weather kickstart the birch pollen season

Normally, 41 millimeters of precipitation falls in April, but last year – when April ended with a record amount of sunshine hours – only 14.5 millimeters of rain fell.

The lack of rain causes the birch pollen season to start now – about two weeks earlier than usual.

In the coming weeks, the number of birch pollen is expected to rise sharply before it peaks at the end of April.


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