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party buses

Prohibition of alcohol in party buses from Saturday

party buses

Partying in party buses must be stopped. Therefore, from Saturday, a ban on drinking alcohol will be introduced in the party buses.

Many people in confined spaces in a bus ride and consuming alcohol pose a risk of spreading corona infection.

That is the opinion of Transport Minister Benny Engelbrecht (S). Therefore, a ban on alcohol will be introduced in buses, the Ministry of Transport informs in a statement.

This is done to stop the so-called party buses, where young people have recently held parties despite restrictions in the nightlife.

– Unfortunately, we have to state that the so-called party buses have had some difficulty in ensuring that the parties that take place take place in a way that prevents the spread of infection.

– A little too many and too wild parties are held. And it does not make sense when we in society seek to limit infection that some circumvent the rules in party buses, says Benny Engelbrecht.

The ban applies from Saturday at 12 noon and tentatively until October 4.

The buses have not been subject to the same restrictions as restaurants and bars. Therefore, the ministry has several times been forced to specify guidelines for the party buses.

Think bans will help

There is already a requirement that a bandage be worn while driving the bus. But from Saturday, serving alcohol will also be banned.

The ban will put an end to parties in the buses, Engelbrecht believes.

– I think that a ban on consuming and serving alcohol will also have an impact on the number of parties in the buses, he says.

In recent days, Benny Engelbrecht has on Twitter called for the renters of the buses to cancel the parties that could be canceled.

– A party bus is a party room on wheels, it sounded on Wednesday from Engelbrecht on Twitter.


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