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Cardiologist: Eriksen had perfect heart tests at Tottenham

There was nothing to complain about in Christian Eriksen’s heart during the Tottenham era, says cardiologist Sanjay Sharma.

Christian Eriksen collapsed on Saturday night in the European Championship match against Finland and received a heart massage before he regained consciousness.

While the entire football world is waiting for news about what was the cause of the star’s collapse, a cardiologist says that there were no signs of heart problems when Eriksen played for Tottenham from 2013 to 2020.

But Professor of Cardiology Sanjay Sharma from St. George’s University in London, which tested Tottenham players, managed to get worried that he had overlooked something.

– I thought: “Oh God. Is there anything we have not seen? ” But I have been back in all the test results and everything looks perfect, says Sanjay Sharma to The Mail on Sunday according to the news agency Reuters.

– From the day we signed him, it was my job to screen and test him every single year. And his tests until 2019 were completely normal. There were no obvious, underlying heart defects. I can vouch for that because I was in charge of the investigations, says Sanjay Sharma.

He has not been responsible for investigating Eriksen since the beginning of 2020, when Eriksen switched to the Italian club Inter.

After the heart massage on the turf in the Park, Eriksen was admitted to Rigshospitalet, from where it was later stated that his condition was stable.

Then the players made a decision to play the match to the end against Finland. It was interrupted after 42 minutes, and after a long break it was finished. Finland won 1-0 on a goal in the second half.

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