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Brian Holm on possible postponement of Tour de France

Brian Holm on possible postponement of Tour de France: ‘Let’s now spread the word a bit’

Brian Holm on possible postponement of Tour de France

The Danish sports director thinks that a Tour postponement would be the most sensible.

On Friday, Copenhagen’s Lord Mayor Frank Jensen (S) pushed to the door that the media Le Télégramme opened yesterday when the newspaper brought the story that Brittany had been offered to take over the Danish Tour de France start next year.

To DR Sporten, Frank Jensen says today that it is now ‘most likely’ that the beginning of the French tour in Denmark will only take place in 2022, so it does not collide with EM in football, where, among other things, four matches will be played in Copenhagen next summer.

Therefore, a postponement of the Danish Tour start is the most sensible solution, says Brian Holm, sports director at Deceuninck – Quick-Step Cycling Team.

– Right now it is equivalent to two of the great spring classics on the same day. It would never work either. So now let’s spread the events a bit, he says and continues:

– It is fair that the Tour de France moves forward EM in football and BEER. It does not make the race more boring, and then the Danish cycling fans have an extra year to look forward to.

A more fun race

The Danish cyclist Christopher Juul-Jensen is also pleased with Frank Jensen’s announcement. He thinks it would be a shame if EM in football and the Tour de France had to fight to get the Danes’ attention next summer.

– It will definitely be more fun for us cyclists if things get separated, he says.

And therefore it makes less sense that the Tour start in Denmark will be postponed, as long as it does not end up being canceled, says Christopher Juul-Jensen.

– I can not describe at all how much I look forward to hopefully being able to drive the Tour de France in Denmark. Of course, it would be a shame if it did not happen next year, but if it has to be moved by a year, then so be it.

Kasper Asgreen, who drives for Deceunick-Quick-Step, is also enthusiastic about the Danish Tour start, and for him it does not matter much whether it will be in 2021 or 2022.

– If the Danish Tour start is postponed, then I have the opportunity to drive both BEER next year and a Tour de France starting in Denmark in 2022, so that’s fine for me. As long as it does not become one decidedly cancellation, for that I think would be a pity.

Source: dr.dk

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