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A Further Four Danes Have Died From Coronavirus Infection


A further four Danes have died after coronavirus infection. In turn, the number of admissions decreases.

The number of coronavirus admissions continues to decline. There are 85 on Friday, which is 12 fewer than Thursday.

It shows figures for the State Serum Institute.

The number of admissions is the lowest since March 17, when 82 were infected with coronavirus. At the beginning of April, admissions peaked at 535.

On Friday, there are still 17 with coronavirus admitted to the intensive care unit. Ten are in respirators, which is two more than Thursday.

Another four infected with the virus are dead, bringing the total death toll to 586.

However, coronavirus does not have to be the cause of death, though deaths included in the inventory.

To be included in the statistics, you must be dead within 30 days of a positive test.

64 new infected against coronavirus have been registered. Over the past six days, 40 or fewer new cases of infection have been registered.

A total of 11,875 are registered infected with the virus. The vast majority, however, are thought to have survived the disease.

The health authorities do not have an actual figure for fast-trackers, but instead use the term that the infection is over.

That is, if 14 days after a positive test is not hospitalized or passed away at death.

The vast majority of confirmed cases – 10,656 – have survived the infection. That’s 33 more than Thursday.

Source: dr.dk

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