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Sofie Linde

701 media women stand behind support for Sofie Linde: ‘It still happens’

Sofie Linde

Sexism exists – also in the Danish media industry, states statement of support.

Sexism and cross-border behavior are not a thing of the past in the Danish media industry. Not at all.

– It happened once. It’s still happening.

That is the message from 701 women in a statement of support for TV host Sofie Linde, who recently used her speaking time as host of the ‘Zulu Comedy Galla’ to focus on sexism and inequality in the media industry.

Here, the now 30-year-old Sofie Linde highlighted an example from a Christmas lunch when she was 18 years old and had just started working at DR .

– This big TV cannon comes up to me, grabs my arm and says to me: “If you do not go out and suck my cock, then fucking I will ruin your career”.

‘We have all experienced it’

The answer was a no, and now other women in the industry are backing her up.

– We have all experienced it to a greater or lesser degree during our career. Inappropriate remarks about our appearance or attire. Lubricating messages. Cross-border physical behavior . Warnings that there are some men we must avoid for Christmas lunch , reads the open letter.


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